"I come by my love of high fashion and all things beautiful honestly; from a lifetime spent in fashion. 
My mother is a European Tailor by trade and my father
​a Finishing Carpenter, by trade. Both skills require precision, an exact eye for detail, and a deep appreciation for beautiful materials. My apprenticeship started under the tutelage of
​my mother who demanded excellence so it's
little wonder that the hunt for
​great fashion pulses through my veins."

Exquisite. Luxurious. 

Birgit Badke focuses on custom designs for women.  From resort to ready-to-wear to couture, each creation is a labour of love.  Badke states, "Clothes make women feel a certain way about themselves and ow a woman dresses is often an outward reflection of how she is feeling inwardly in the moment.  But that feeling can change; sometimes by the hour. We can't help it!  It's who we are.  Style is a state of mind.  Women love clothes and we love the way they make us feel.  To that end, the goal is always the same: designing and creating something that makes a woman look as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside."  

Shortly after graduating from high school, Birgit ventured into retail and opened an exclusive clothing and accessory boutique.  The introduction to a elevated standard and quality of design was well received and validated that high end fashion had a place within smaller communities.
Birgit Badke is based in Kelowna, BC.